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CSR at SCCL represents the relationship between the company and the wider community within which we operate. It is our acknowledgment of the fact that businesses do not and cannot exist in a vacuum, and that a large part of any success they enjoy is equally due to the context in which they operate as it is to the factors intrinsic to the company.

Our CSR Values:

Since its inception in 2006 SCCL had a keen orientation towards Corporate Social Responsibility. SCCL engaged itself in several CSR activities across the country in different capacities. SCCL as a concerned entity devoted to the development of many social interests throughout greater Bangladesh based on 2 core values. These are: Enlightened through Education and Protecting the Environment.

Child Education:

SCCL believes education platform remains the primary focus to develop a nation. To ensure a better tomorrow SCCL has ensured education of under-priveledged children by establishing schools and madrasas through out the country. SCCL also aims to identify and supports the children in need of basic infrastructure to practice the fundamentals of Islam. This contribution goes in building orphanages and mosques all across the country.

Protecting the Environment:

Even though SCCL is in the business of producing sensitive chemicals, we adhere to the strict manufacturing practices to ensure that no adverse effect on the environment. Moreover, our R&D team is constantly in search of ways to how other industries and even households can substitute toxic chemicals with more environment friendly chemicals and use them to minimize or even reverse the adverse effect on nature.
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