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Plant Description: (Chlor-alkali)

Product: Chlor-Alkali products

Plant Location: Sikirgaon, Gazaria, Munshiganj, Bangladesh.

Plant capacity: 7 chemicals of 195 MT/day.

Main Consumers: Textile, Pulp & Paper, Food and Beverage Industry, Water Treatment Plants and many other industries.

Technology Supported By: Nuberg Engineering Ltd., Carbone Lorraine (France), Asahi Kasei Chemical Corporation (Japan), Bertrams Chemical Plants Ltd (Switzerland).


Sl. No. Particulars Unit Amount
1. Caustic Soda MT/ Day 60.00
2. Chlorine MT/ Day 7.00
3. Stable Bleaching Powder MT/ Day 16.00
4. Sodium Hypochlorite MT/ Day 20.00
5. Hydrochloric Acid MT/ Day 100.00
6. Chlorinated Paraffin Wax MT/ Day 20.00
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