Chemical compositions:

Purity% w/w32 min
Free Cl2ppm1 max


Molecular Weight36.458 b/mol
Solubility82.3 g/100 g at 32°F
Density1.05 at 59° F for 10.17% weight/weight solution

Physical characteristics:

ColorClear, colorless or slight yellowish.
Free Cl2Pungent, irritating odor.


Technology supported byCarbon Loren (France), Nuberg Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. (India).
Packaging & mode of deliveryBy rubber lined tank lorry or plastic tank.
StorageStored in rubber lined tanks, plastic, FRP, PVC vessels or containers.

Product Information:

Monthly production capacity of HCl = 150-180 MT/Day

Uses and Applications:

• Iron and steel manufacturing, electroplating
• Metal cleaner & oxide remover
• Welding and soldering agent
• Water and effluent treatment plant
• Pickling and cleaning agent
• Manufacturing dyestuff, casein, pharmaceutical goods synthetic rubber etc.
• Solvent, PH regulating agent & derivation agent
• Bone processing and gelatin manufacturing industry
• Circuit board (printed) manufacturing