Samuda Power Limited (SPL), power generation company, a sister concern of TK Group of Industries, generate and distribute power to Samuda Chemical Complex Limited (SCCL), one of the largest caustic soda & hydrogen peroxide plant in Bangladesh.

At present Samuda Power Limited is operating a natural gas fired 28.19 MW power plant at Gazaria, Munshiganj, near the river of the Meghna. This particular plant consists of three Reciprocating Engines of Wartsila, Finland, founded in 2009. Additionally, Samuda Power Limited offers comprehensive operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and spare parts supply to every concern of TK Group of Industries who have captive power plant facilities. Controlling the quality of its work, Samuda Power Limited has become the contractual service provider of many captive power plants under TK Group in Dhaka & Chittagong. It has panel manufacturing section also designs and fabricates LT Switch gear panel, PFI Panel, ATS Panel, Synchronizing panel, MCC panel and so on for different concerns of TK Group in different cities in Bangladesh. Samuda Power Limited has a bunch of self-motivated engineers and skilled technicians who have built a creative & concerted way to support its customers and the country at large.