Product Information:

Production capacity of filler compound = 200-300 MT/Day

Uses and Applications:

• Used to improve printing surface and glossy surface.
• Used in Container manufacturing.
• Used in Injection molding for decorative and house hold articles.
• Used for Blow molding mechanical part
• Used for Plastic bags
• Used in Yarning
• Used in Extrusion including food grade container manufacturing as per FDA act regulation

Physical Properties:

Particle size-D-97 (CaCO3)μm21±4
MFI (at 190 ̊ & 2.16 kg load)gm/10min10 (max)
Moisture%w/w0.10 (max)

Other Properties:

Appearance (surface color)White
AdditivesDispersion agent, processing aid
Processing temperature140-280 ̊
Usage rate5-40%
Pallet size3×3 (±0.3), varies as per customer need
Carrier resinLLDPE
CompatibilityLLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP
Packaging25 kgs per bag double poly with inner liner
StorageKeep at dry condition in segregated area