Chemical Compositions:

Purity (Chlorine, Cl2)%w/w99.5
Oxygen (O2)%w/w0.05
Chlorine Plant, DF Liquid Chlorine

Physical Characteristics:

Appearance : Yellowish green gas or amber liquid.

Product information:

Production Capacity : 15-20 MT/Day Technology supported by : Sury P.umps & Equipment Co. (India), Tarloskar Pneumatic Co. Ltd. (India), Nuberg Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. (India). Packaging & Mode of delivery : Liquid chlorine in cylinder – 1000kg, 930kg & 100kg.

User Application:

• Disinfectant in water
purification system
• Sterilizer in service water,
drainage & swimming pool.
• Bleaching agents in domestic
and industrial uses.
• Manufacturing of other bleaches.
• Manufacturing of HCl & CFC’s – Propellent, foamed plastic coolant & refrigerant, dry cleaning agent.
• Manufacturing of various chemicals.
• Chloromethane
• PVC intermediates
• Dichloro ethane
• Vinyl chloride
• Chlorates
• Inorganic & Organo chloro