SAMFIX FFF® is formaldehyde free dye fixing agent for fixing reactive and direct and anionic dyes on cotton. The active matter is high molecule weight reactive cationic compound which forms strong bonds with the dyes & cotton and gives effective dye fixing.

Special Features:

  • Environment friendly.
  • Improves dry & wet fastness properties.
  • Minimizes staining in dyeing & printing.
  • Minimal effect on the shades of dyed goods.
  • Compatible with synthetic resins and finishing agents


Physical Form Clear, yellowish liquid.
Chemical Composition High molecular weight reactive polymer
Ionic nature Cationic
Ph Value(5%) 7(+-1)
Foaming Non-Foaming
Density 20 C, g/lm 1.19 (+-0.02)
Solubility Easily soluble in hot and cold water
Stability SAMFIX FFF® compatible with dilute acids &
alkalis and the salt used during the dyeing processes.
Shelf Life Remains stable for at least one year when stored in dry and cool place & sealed container.

Uses and Applications:

Recommended dosages:

For Direct Dying                       :          1- 4 g/l

For Reactive Dying                  :           0.5 – 2 g/l

Fixation is carried out at 40°C at 6±1 pH

Product Information:

Monthly production capacity of Samfix FFF = 100-200 MT

Pack Size:

SAMFIX FFF®  is available in 60 Kg close mouth plastic drum.

Handling and Safety Instructions:

Use face shields, protective clothing, hand gloves & gum-boots for handling SAMFIX FFF®  

Avoid contact with skin & eyes. If splashes enter eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and continue washing for 10-15 minutes, seek medical advice. In case of contact with skin, wash immediately with soap and water. Remove soiled or soaked clothing immediately.