SAMSOF PSS® is a micro silicone emulsion and developed by modifying polydimethylsiloxane for imparting durable, soft, smooth, silky and finish to cotton & its blends. It is suitable for all type of standard finishing process and provide luxurious feel on wide range of fabrics.

Special Features:

  • Ideal for CO, PC, PES, CV and others synthetic fiber and blends.
  • Finishes offer durability of multiple washes, provides a very pleasant smoothness.
  • Can be used on white goods, retains the brightness of colored fabrics and yarns.
  • Improves properties like crease recovery, tear & abrasion resistance and wash & wear effects in resin finishing.


Physical Form Clear, Colorless liquid
Chemical Composition Polydimethylsiloxane derivative
Ionic nature Nonionic
Ph Value(5%) 5-7
Foaming Non-Foaming
Density 20 C, g/lm 1.0 (+-0.01)
Solubility Easily soluble in hot and cold water
Stability SAMSOF  PSS®   is compatible with anionicand cationic products.
Shelf Life Remains stable for at least one year when stored in dry and cool place & sealed container.

Uses and Applications:

SAMSOF  PSS®  can be used by exhaustion as well by padding.

Exhaustion Application :

2–4%  is recommended on weight of fabric. Exhaustion for 15–20 minutes at 30- 35°C gives high level of exhaustion.

Padding Application  

Use 5-20 gm/l for padding at 80% expression.Hydrophilic cationic non silicone softener can be blended to achieve synergistic effect.

Product Information:

Monthly production capacity of Samsof PSS = 150-200 MT

Pack Size:

SAMSOF  PSS®  is available in 60 Kg close mouth plastic drum

Handling and Safety Instructions:

Use face shields, protective clothing, hand gloves & gum-boots for handling SAMSOF PSS®  

Avoid contact with skin & eyes. If splashes enter eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and continue washing for 10-15 minutes, seek medical advice. In case of contact with skin, wash immediately with soap and water. Remove soiled or soaked clothing immediately.