SAMWET BLF® is an excellent biodegradable low foaming wetting & scouring agent. The high quality emulsifying and detergency properties make it a versatile product for scouring and wetting operations. It efficiently removes all hydrophobic materials such as waxes, oils, grease, dirt and most other stains from cotton & its blends and makes the textile materials hydrophilic.

Special Features:

  • Environment friendly.
  • Very low foaming, suitable for high turbulence machine.
  • Imparts outstanding hydrophilicity to the treated fabrics.
  • Increases absorbency & whiteness when used in peroxide bleaching & pretreatment bath.


Physical Form Clear, Clolorless liquid
Chemical Composition Modified fatty alcohol Ethoxylates
Ionic nature Non Ionic
Ph Value(5%) 6(+-1)
Foaming Low-Foaming
Density 20 C, g/lm 1.05 (+-0.02)
Solubility Easily soluble in hot and cold water
Stability Compatible with bleaching agent
Shelf Life Remains stable for at least two years when stored in dry and cool place & sealed container.

Uses and Applications:

Recommended dosages:

Batch Process                                    : 0.5-1 g/l

Semi-Continuous process                : 2-8 g/l

Continuous process                         : 2-8 g/l

Product Information:

Monthly production capacity of Samwet BLF = 150-200 MT

Pack Size:

SAMWET  BLF®   is available in 60 Kg close mouth plastic drum.

Handling and Safety Instructions:

Use face shields, protective clothing, hand gloves & gum-boots for handling SAMWET  BLF®  

Avoid contact with skin & eyes. If splashes enter eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and continue washing for 10-15 minutes, seek medical advice. In case of contact with skin, wash immediately with soap and water. Remove soiled or soaked clothing immediately.