Chemical Compositions:

Available Chlorine%w/w4-12.5
Free NaOH%w/w0.5Color
HSodium chlorateppmTraces
Sp. Gravity1.07-1.12
Solubility in waterSoluble

Physical Characteristics:

ColorClear or greenish yellow liquid
OdorBleach odor

Product Information:

Production capacity : 600-900 MT/month or 20-30 MT/Day
Technology Supported by : Nuberg Engineering (pvt.) Ltd. (India).
Packaging & mode of delivery : In Plastic or HDPE container or rubber lined vessel in truck or lorry.
Storage : Stored in rubber lined vessel or HDPE container.

Uses and Applications:

• In textile industries.
• Pulp and Paper industries.
• Soap and Oil industries.
• Petroleum and refineries.
• Food processing industries.
• Disinfectant in water treatment plant.
• Disinfectant, cleaning agent, bleach in laundries,
hotels & motels, household uses.